Laser&More Markenauftritt

Medical and aesthetic treatments on the highest level.

Laser&More is a new practice for medical and aesthetic laser treatments with modern and innovative technologies to create visual and noticeable changes. Specialized in topnotch laser and LED treatments Laser&More achieves optimal results in the field of aesthetics. The identity is based on the mission of the brand to make people look fresh and feel good all around. A strong and geometric logo represents the surface of the skin and the accurate laser that performs the procedures. The color scheme is reduced to black, white, grey and gold to create a calm basic mood. Gold serves as a high light color to underline the excellence and high quality of the treatments. The brand identity is applied to all digital and analogue media as well as for the interior of the modern practice. Here the brand concept of a clean and focused atmosphere was applied. The illuminated Logo is a central element that creates different light situations to slightly manage the mood of the entrance.